Trending Songs Kenya:Fathermoh Ft Ssaru 'Kaskie Vibaya'  Kelsy Kerubo Ft Rose Muhando 'Nasonga Mbele'

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Written By: Brian Sikulu

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The Kenyan music industry continues to experience rejuvenation thanks to the new top-trending songs released by both upcoming and established artists. Barely three months into the new year, the competition is already stiff among the creatives leading to the production of high-quality music.

Here are the top trending new songs in Kenya;

Kaskie Vibaya - Fathermoh Ft. Kesly Kerubo

Fathermoh has lived up to the high expectations of his fans courtesy of the new 'Kaskie Vibaya' hit song featuring Ssaru. The Gengetone star was among the top artists behind the viral 'Kuna Kuna' hit song that was released last year. Being one of the year's biggest songs, many were anxious to see if Fathermoh will live up to the standard he had set.

'Kaskie Vibaya' is undoubtedly artistic justice to the fans' expectations. The collaboration with Ssaru was on point. The two music stars enjoy seamless chemistry and have matching energy when it comes to rapping.

The song is currently holding the first position on YouTube trending music with more than half a million views within a week of its release.

Nasonga Mbele - Kesly Kerubo Ft. Rose Muhando

One of the best gospel songs to have been released so far in 2023 is 'Nasonga Mbele' by Kelsy Kerubo and Rose Muhando. The track, which preaches Christian virtues and having faith in God, presents a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Kelsy Kerubo's and Rose Muhando's vocals marry each other effortlessly making the melody of the song to be euphonious.

Bado Nakupenda - Samidoh Ft. Prince Indah

'Bado Nakupenda' is arguably the biggest vernacular song that has been released in the country's music industry in a long time. The uniqueness and creativity presented right from the collaboration to the composition of the song are mind-blowing. Samidoh and Prince Indah fuse Benga music and Mugithi with a little touch of Zilizopendwa and Lingala.

The song has accrued over one million views on YouTube since its release.

Kwame - Khaligraph Jones Ft. Harmonize

Hip Hop star Khaligraph Jones crossed the border to Tanzania to seek collaboration from Harmonize for his first music project of the year. The efforts seem to have paid off as the song 'Kwame' has not only surpassed over one million views on YouTube but has also stayed on the trending chart for a while.

Khaligraph and Harmonize blend Hip Hop and Bongo in a self-motivational song that reflects on Africa's political history.

Ametenda Zaidi - Kambua

Kambua has made a comeback into the music industry after taking a one-year break. Her new song 'Ametenda Zaidi' is a perfect description of music ministry. It preaches about God's desire to bless His children. With the lyrics drawn from the Bible and presented in an angelic melody, the song is definitely ear-catching throughout the six minutes and eleven seconds.

Ti Uhoro - Justina Syokau

Sensational musician Justina Syokau has blessed her fans with a Mugithi hit song dubbed 'Ti Uhoro'. The term 'Ti Uhoro' which is drawn from the Kikuyu language translates to 'It's Well'. The singer dedicates the song to people who are experiencing battles, discouragement, and family crisis. This is a song about hope for a better future regardless of what one is currently going through.


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