Free Download: Top 5 Kenyan Swahili Gospel Songs And Mixes To Downlod On Mdundo In 2023

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Written By: Brian Sikulu

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The start of a new year marks the beginning of a new journey full of hope and faith in God. To the majority of Christians, this is a time of renewing their commitment and nourishing their faith in God. Gospel songs go a long way in helping Christians to achieve these objectives, and further stay on track throughout the whole year.

Here are the top five gospel songs and mixes that will help in uplifting your spirit, faith, and commitment to God in 2023.

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Best of Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is popular for his heart-warming songs. The content of his music is majorly drawn from the Bible. His style of presentation and singing speaks to the heart. The versatility in this mix will get you in a good spirit and uplift your moods.

Some of the top songs in the mix include; 'Wakati Wa Mungu' ft Paul Clement, 'Mercy', 'Give Thanks' and 'Ni Wewe' Ft. Esther Wahome among many others.

Best of Mercy Masika

Mercy Masika is famed for her spiritual praise and worship songs. The deep biblical messages in her songs educate and teach Christian values. This mix presents songs that are suitable for praise and worship events. One can nourish his or her Christianity by listening to the contents of the songs.

The mix houses the following songs; 'Nivute', 'Wastahili', 'He Never Lies', 'Mwema' and many others.

Best of Bahati Gospel Mix

Bahati ranks among the top gospel musicians in the country who have mastered the skill of selling their music to fans regardless of their age. Whether young or old, Bahati has a way of winning over the hearts of music lovers through creatively tailored lyrics. This mix samples some of Bahati's best gospel songs that will uplift your faith in God.

The mix includes; 'Sorry' Ft DK Kwenye Beat, 'Diana', 'Bado' Ft Denno among others

Kenyan Gospel Praise Mix

This mix is a compilation of songs from the most inspirational Kenyan gospel artists. From Mercy Masika, and Ruth Wamuyu to Janet Otieno, the artists are legends in ministry music. Their music is more than just songs, it is teachings on the virtues and values of Christianity.

Some of the songs featured in this mix include; Ruth Wamuyu's Ngai Murathimi', Janet Orieno's 'Mtafute', and Mercy Masika's Nivute.

St Michael Misare Catholic Mix  2023

This mix is most suitable for members of the Catholic church. Its beats instrumentals and beats are drawn from the popular Catholic music identity. The vocals and beats of the songs bear a unique signature that identifies with the church. This mix samples songs that were produced by St. Michaels Catholic church.

Among the popular songs featured in the mix are; 'Msidhani', 'Heri Leo', 'Naogopa', Sitapungiwa Kitu' and 'Bwana Ni Ngome'.

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