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What is Nyimbo za Injili?

It is a music genre made up of religious songs sung by Christians that are meant to inspire, entertain and spread the gospel to people. In English Nyimbo Za Injili can be translated to Gospel Music musical instruments used to make up the genre usually vary depending on the society but mostly tambourine, piano, organ, banjo, guitar, bass guitar, and drums are usually used.

In West Africa Ransome Kuti is usually considered the father of Muziki Wa Injili as he was able to change Christian songs or hymns to the local language but also wrote the hymns in the Yoruba language. 1922, Ransome-Kuti was invited to the UK, where he recorded 43 songs, including Jesu Oba Alaanu and Egbe Awon Angeli.

In East Africa, Kenya and Tanzania have been at the forefront of propelling the genre. In Tanzania, Faustin Munishi is usually credited with bringing the modern gospel Genre into mainstream media in the 1980s. His songs such as Malebo and Niko Chini Ya Mwamba made recorded gospel music a household name in Tanzania.

From the 1990s to the early 2010s this music enjoyed mainstream success as the album was burgeoning in Tanzania and East Africa in general. The era was marked by CDs and Video Cassettes in which most artists used the medium to reach the audience. Some of the popular albums in this era include "Uwe Macho" by Rose Muhando, "Nani Aitikise Dunia" by Bahati Bukuku and "Kitu Gani" by Christina Shusho.

The 1990s to the 2010s era was also marked by popular Choirs and music groups that formed to spread the gospel.

The advent of digital platforms and music streaming from the second half of the 2010s marked the downfall of the physical album market but created a wave of newer artists of this genre such as Mercy Masika, Mary Atieno, Esther Wahome, Size 8 Reborn, Bahati Kenya, Angel Bernard, Walter Chilambo, Goodluck Gozbert and many others who not only depend on streaming and digital sales to sell their craft but also stressed the importance of live performances on stage.

Who Are The Popular Artists in this genre?

Popular artists in this genre include Rose Muhando, Mercy Masika, Walter Chilambo, Goodluck Gozbert, Bahati Bukuku, Angel Bernard, Gloria Muliro, Boniface Mwaitege and many others.

What are some of the biggest and most popular songs in this genre?

1. Nibebe - Rose Muhando

2. Shule Yako - Mercy Masika

3. Need You To Reign - Angel Bernard

4. Kwetu Pazuri - Ambassadors Of Christ

5. Mkono Wa Bwana - Zabron Singers

6. Mtetezi Wangu - Christina Shusho

7. Usiyeshindwa - Sara Kiarie

8. Dunia Haina Huruma - Rose Muhando

9. Ipo Siku - Goodluck Gozbert

10. Ndio Yako - Gloria Muliro.

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