Album Review: Okello Max Drops New Album 'Boss'

[Image Source: Instagram]

Written By: Brian Sikulu

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Sensational Kenyan songster Okello Max has released his debut album dubbed 'Boss'. The 16-track album is a compilation of various African sounds and music genres. The music star showcases his prowess and flexibility in various music aspects, from lyrism to poetry and vocal artistry.

The production of the album was overseen by a number of top music producers across the country including; Bassman, Wuod Omollo Beats, So Fresh, and Trevor Magak. It has featured both established and rising star musicians such as; Jocelina, Femi One, Suzanna Owiyo, Bonysun, Charisma, Coster Ojwang', Watendawawili, Bien, Bensoul, and Bassman.

The album cuts across popular music genres and has been tailored for both local and foreign markets. From bongo to rhumba and afro beats, it is evident that Okello Max invested a lot of time and creativity to ensure he leaves no music lover behind. He further tackles a variety of themes from love to entertainment. while maintaining his signature identity of singing in the Luo language.

The album has been treated to a warm reception from Kenyans and is currently performing extremely well on different music streaming platforms.

Here is the track list of the album;

  1. Boss
  2. Hera Kakaheri
  3. Balance (Ft. Bassman & Bonysun)
  4. Kuwa Nawe
  5. Okinyal Elewa (Ft. Suzanna Owiyo)
  6. Weche Hera (Ft. Femi One)
  7. Kung Fu (Ft. Bien & Bensoul)
  8. Nipe Nafasi
  9. Kinda Piny (Ft. Coster Ojwang')
  10. Oreo (Ft. Bensoul)
  11. Pull Up (Ft. Jocelina)
  12. Sembo (Ft. Coster Ojwang')
  13. Sude Ka (Ft. Charisma)
  14. Okello Wa
  15. Wale Wale (Ft. Watendawili)
  16. Police Na Guitar (Love Version - Bonus Track)

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