3 Reasons To Subscribe For Unlimited DJ Mixes on Mdundo - Nigeria

Subscribe and Download Exclusive DJ Mixes on MDUNDO

Mdundo gives you the opportunity to listen to and download songs from your favourite artists at no cost at all. 

With our DJ mixes, you’ll enjoy specially curated playlists and mixes of your favourite artists. We’re making sure you don’t have to do too much to have access and listen to unlimited music. Below are 3 reasons why you should subscribe for unlimited DJ mixes on Mdundo

  • Saves your data
    A mix on Mdundo ideally contains 10-15 songs with a download size of about 3-5MB. Streaming the same number of songs from start to finish will run your data reserve, and worse still, you cannot enjoy these songs when you go offline but with our, DJ Mixes you can... You can always bank on DJ Mixes on Mdundo.
  • Saves your money

We’ve only asked that you pay NGN 50/day to download unlimited DJ Mixes on your device. By calculation, you can listen to up to 100 songs if you just download 10 mixes for that day. Not only that you are able to save money, but also, your data reserve is not exhausted. Good deal right?

  • Gives a better music experience

While listening to DJ Mixes curated on Mdundo, you are guaranteed a similar musical experience anyone can get from a concert. This is due to the principal technique for mixing, especially beatmatching, where the DJ synchronizes the beats of different songs.

  • Variety of music from all over Africa

Mdundo gives you an opportunity to enjoy great music from artists all over Africa with a variety of genres like hip-hop, reggae, Afrobeats, and Amapiano among others. This enables you to discover new artists and songs for your playlist.

Don’t you feel like subscribing already? Click the link - https://2ly.link/1vp8f , to get started. There are no hidden costs for this subscription. 

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