Mdundo DJ Spotlight: Eleven Years After, DJ Ti Minister Shares His DJ Story

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This week’s Mdundo’s DJ stories feature Platueau state-born DJ Ti Minister. The budding disc jockey walks us through his career which has spanned eleven years. 

Read the full transcript of the interview with our correspondent below: -

Question: Hi DJ, please tell us about yourself.

DJ Ti Minister: My name is Tsok Isaac Bulus. I’m from Plateau state Nigeria( middle belt). My stage name is Ti_Minister the vibe lord. 

Question: Tell us about your journey and how did you start DJing?

DJ Ti Minister:  My journey in Djing hasn’t been easy. It’s a success story that is still building up. 

I became a DJ properly in 2011 when I was in secondary school. Then I was exposed enough and had a great musical sense. when I was still growing up I had this Mp3/Mp4 player to listen to music. Eventually, my elder brother got a laptop and installed the virtual DJ software and that was when everything switched up for me. It got to a point I have to rent a laptop from my brother to play at parties, also my parents weren’t happy about my career path but the passion and love I have for djing is totally different and beyond their control. I rented everything to play parties including a laptop, later on as the work changed I began to develop more skills in Serato. I worked so hard to get my own laptop and keep my game going. 

In 2017 I won the best radio DJ battle with Jay FM which automatically gave me employment to work as an in-house DJ and in 2018 I got another job with KT FM.  

In  2019 I won the best university student DJ at the Nigerian Hype awards. I later engaged in promoting myself across my nearby state (Kaduna, Taraba, Nassarawa and Abuja).  I later relocated to the capital city in 2019 to advance my market and I met some great family who welcomed me and also great DJs, especially DJ BURNA. She played a key role in promoting me to a lot of big parties, and clubs and making me known in Abuja. I love everything about her and also follow her mentorship. I thank God for the journey so far. I feel his grace, love and promises over me for the growth so far. 

Question: Why did you choose to be a DJ as your professional career?

DJ Ti Minister: I love being a DJ and I was born for the job. I’m glad I found my path. 

Question: What was your struggle while starting, and what are you currently facing as challenges?

DJ Ti Minister: Lack of financial and moral support, DJs are yet not given value and respect. 

Question: Do you think that the DJ world has given women adequate representation?

DJ Ti Minister: Yes 

Question: How do you balance your life as a professional DJ, your family and your study?

DJ Ti Minister: Really hard, Families must find a way in supporting their kids' choices, and I tell you that it is my major challenge right now. Well, I’m still in school and is also difficult because I shuttle between my business state to my study state.

Question: Which big concert do you dream of playing?

DJ Ti Minister: Afro Nation, block party, and any big gig and I’m good to go.

Question: Where do you feel most comfortable? In the studio or on stage?

DJ Ti Minister: On stage

Question: How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

DJ Ti Minister: Perfect and more music more play.

Question: Are there any DJs on or off the scene that you look up to or who inspires you?

DJ Ti Minister: DJ Tunez, DJ Purfy, and DJ Spinall

Question: Which Naija artist will you like to play for and why?

DJ Ti Minister: Burnaboy, Wizkid and Rugger. I love their music, and I’m a big fan.

Question: How do you feel mixing Afrobeats tunes, compared to mixing foreign songs? 

DJ Ti Minister: Feeling flexible and comfortable with both, but afro music is the vibe of the party you know.

Question: What advice would you give to your past self, and those who want to take up DJ’ing as a career?

DJ Ti Minister: Never give up! keep pushing and keep believing and value yourself right from the start

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