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By Kinyua Mwangi

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Love and emotions were Simi's route out of a promising gospel career and she never regrets this decision. She has made a career out of Afropop and her fans love her to bits.

The ‘Jericho’ hitmaker keeps getting bigger courtesy of her conscious decision to do music to bridge gender inequality in Nigeria and make people happy. When she gets to the studio, Simi has nothing in mind other than being happy and winning. The Afropop singer is an equality advocate, and all she wants for every Nigerian woman out there is to be successful.

Simi’s creativity is all in her music and a keen ear will get it all. She speaks against social ills and gender inequality hurting women more. She believes that every woman has rights and should be treated fairly and right and have the same opportunities. Her advocacy makes merry to our years, yet these are the things that matter most to her and she is not about to change her style. However, she also has the element of surprise in her songwriting where love features prominently as an antidote to all evils in society. Thus, here are her top five hits on Mdundo.

1. Woman

‘Woman’ by Simi is special because she speaks boldly about problems that women endure simply for being women. She says all the obstacles they face - no one can handle them as a woman does. After the song’s release, Simi opened the doors for women to share the problems they encounter and snide remarks, insensitive sentiments made to women with the intent to make them feel inferior flooded the internet.  It’s release preceded #NobodyLikeWoman challenge. Simi's tone is bold and forceful, and it accomplishes its goal of questioning and rising up against the misconceptions women face.

2. So Bad ft Joeboy

Exceptional songwriting is all around ‘So Bad’. You can’t help but notice several clever rhyming words in Simi's lyrics that pique your curiosity and keep you engaged in the song. Secondly, she is so charismatic that the audience believes she is ‘So Bad’ because of her persuasive tune and boldness Joeboy's performance of the song on the hand is excellent. His calm explanation of how difficult it is for him to move on and how he is madly in love despite the antics of his love interest sweeps you. With its cheerful speed, the song entices the listener to want to keep listening to it.

3. No Longer Beneficial
Simi recounts a love story from a unique angle. It's normal for individuals to become tired of listening to love songs, but Simi's perspective on the subject is unique. That’s what makes ‘No Longer Beneficial’ a special song. Simi sings from the perspective of a woman who has just been proposed to by her lover.  Unbeknownst to her partner, she was not in it for a lifelong marriage. She only wanted sex and a little friendship. In other words, they were more like friends than lovers. Being a sound engineer, she delivers this musical masterpiece in a thrilling manner.

4. Selense

Simi is many things in one creative mind but ‘Selense’ is just more than an entertaining song. She speaks about time – the failures and consequences that come when you do things the wrong way. Simi warns against procrastinating and stresses the value of working hard on your dreams over a groovy Vtek groove. ‘Selense’ has it all. Drama, comedy, dance, act, fun, and jamboree comics.

5. Doyin ft Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi and Simi released ’Doyin’, which was favorably received by their fans. It cemented them as collaboration hitmakers after ‘Surrender’ left a lot of naysayers floored. Doyin is a riveting love song - and an excellent choice for lovers. It will always be a constant companion for many years to come. With her soft yet powerful vocals, Simi made a strong contribution to the song. 

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