Cartoon Comedian, Prof Hamo & Other Celebrities Whose Music Debut Thrilled Kenyans

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By Brian Sikulu

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The Kenyan music industry has experienced tremendous and steady growth over the past few years. The growth has been catalyzed by the injection of new talents into the industry. Whereas it is expected that such talents would be new faces, interestingly enough, a number of these faces were all too familiar. We are talking about celebrities with millions of followers who stepped out of their comfort zone into the booth to reveal their hidden talents in music.

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Here are five Kenyan celebrities from various sectors in the entertainment industry who surprised their fans and music lovers with hit songs;

Jacky Vike alias Awinja

She shot into fame as an actress who starred in the popular local drama show dubbed Papa Shirandula. After making a name for herself in the film industry, Awinja on 9th February, 2022 surprised her fans with a song titled ‘Sio Lazima’. ‘Sio Lazima’ is a Valentine themed song where Awinja notes that it is not a must for couples to spend lots of money celebrating the day of love. In less than a week, the song became a certified hit after reaching over one million views on YouTube.

Cartoon Comedian

Vanessa Akinyi, otherwise known as Cartoon Comedian, is currently riding high with her song ‘Kamkora’. The heavy bars delivered in ‘Kamkora’ makes it almost hard to believe that this was her first song. Cartoon who is known for being a stand-up and online comedian has earned herself a sizable fan base through the song. The comedian became famous through Churchill Show, which is a popular stand-up comedy show in East Africa.

Herman Gakobo Kago a.k.a Prof Hamo

Those who are loyal followers of celebrated comedian Prof Hamo always knew that a day would come when he would release an official song. It may have taken a while but it has finally come to pass. The comedian while doing stand-up comedy on Churchill Show would entertain his fans by performing live music infused with comedy. His melodious and powerful vocals were outstanding and many yearned to listen to him on an original song. Prof Hamo's song ‘Jela’ featuring Christar Bingwa is almost clocking half a million views on YouTube.

Diana B

Renowned YouTube content creator Diana Marua, now turned Diana B, literally took the music industry by storm with her viral songs; ‘Hatutaachana’, ‘One Day’, and her latest one being ‘Mubaba’ featuring upcoming artist Vinny Flava. All of her songs have received immense success.


He rose into stardom as a celebrated gospel disk jockey. Almost a decade later, DJ Mo has released his first official song dubbed ‘Songa’ together with his wife Size 8. The song has gotten a warm reception on YouTube and is on its way to half a million views three days after its release.

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