Audiomarc Thanks Fans for Making ‘Why Me’ Ft Nasty C Go Viral

[Image Source: Zone Three 6]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Music producer and DJ Audiomarc is grateful for the support fans have accorded his new song ‘Why Me’ featuring Nasty C and Blxckie.

The hip-hop producer is thrilled by the fact that ‘Why Me’ is riding high across South Africa barely a month after its release.

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Across clubs and other private settings, ‘Why Me’ is an anthem that people seemingly cannot have enough of.

“Currently the biggest SA Hip-hop song on the charts & people asking for it at every venue we handle grateful for everyone showing love,” he told his fans.

The hip-hop song is a testament that the genre keeps getting better every day. Blxckie nails it at the beginning with an electrifying introduction just before Nasty C in his mettle goes hard on the lyrics.

‘Why Me’ is uniquely appetizing to listen to. The vocals are in deep sync with throbbing bass beats in the background. Just as its title suggests, ‘Why Me’ is the kind of song that whips up emotions in an instant.

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After all, it is what music and hip hop is for. Tackle hard issues and the best way to do it is evoke a little bit of emotions. Mzansi still cannot have enough of this line “Woke up feelin’ godly (Godly) I say thank you God, but why me? (Why me, God?).”

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