South African Music Industry Rebounds after Decline Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic

[Photo Credit: NairaMetrics]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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For the past eighteen months, the African continent has been battling the Covid-19 pandemic with different countries using different measures to protect their citizens from the virus.

In most countries, boarders were closed and public gatherings banned. This meant that the entertainment was put on pause, making it one of the most affected.

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In the past few months, the Covid-19 vaccine has become accessible to millions across the African continent, thus leading to the easing of measures across different countries.

In South Africa, the music industry is on the path to recovery. The music market is slowly picking up once again after a heavy beating by the pandemic.

According to Music ally, income from music recorded in South Africa dipped by 2.8% in 2020; it was compounded by restrictions and shutting down of entertainment joints. The aftereffect was dwindling music sales and other forms of music revenue.

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Nevertheless, things are beginning to open up gradually and the music industry has recorded improved sales although they are yet to match the numbers recorded before the pandemic.

 Warner Music South Africa; a major player in the industry says there is nothing to worry about as things drag to get back to normalcy. “

I think it is clear that every market has been impacted by Covid,” Warner Music South Africa managing director Temi Adeniji said.

She adds that it is clear the pandemic ran down things in the industry and dipping revenue wasn’t a surprise.

Musicians and other stakeholders are hopeful that restrictions will be lifted fully and Covid dealt with wholesomely so that the industry can pick up again.

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