Top 5 Trending Kenyan Videos June 2021: Bahati, Otile Brown, Ethic and Naiboi

[Photo Credit:Bahati Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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The month of June has been great for the Kenyan music industry. We have received several well-curated albums from our celebrated artists including ‘Love Like This’ by Bahati and ‘Bazenga Mentality’ by Breeder.

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In addition to the albums, Gengetone fans were also treated to a surprise as veteran Gengetone group Ethic made a comeback with a new jam dubbed ‘Bazenga’. Apart from the albums and Ethic’s comeback, several renowned artists have also been dropping well-produced audios and creatively directed visuals.

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This article reviews the top trending videos for the month of June 2021:

Pete Yangu - Bahati ft Nadia Mukami

Renowned Kenyan artist Bahati recently released ‘Pete Yangu’ featuring Nadia Mukami, off his latest album dubbed ‘Love Like This’. ‘Pete Yangu’ is an upbeat celebratory song, in which Bahati equates his lover to his wedding ring. The visuals which were creatively shot and edited, take us through a beautiful traditional African wedding featuring Bahati and Nadia as the main cast.

Jeraha - Otile Brown ft Jovial

‘Jeraha’ is a heartbreaking song, in which Jovial cries out after being betrayed by her lover, whom she had hoped would wed her. The song is a piece of art, introducing us to a different side of Otile Brown’s artistry, as he delivers a heart-wrenching spoken word where he expresses his pain on the ongoing breakup with his lover. The jam is currently trending on YouTube with over 385,000 views on YouTube.

Take it Slow - Bahati

‘Take it Slow’ is a groovy love song that expounds on the slow build-up of a solid relationship. In the song, Bahati makes promises to his new lover, capturing the thrill of a new relationship in an excellent way. In the visuals, Bahati proves his growth as an artist as he delivers some well-choreographed dance moves.

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Bazenga - Ethic

‘Bazenga’ is an upbeat Gengetone jam, in which the group proves why they are the best despite their brief hiatus. Rapping through the song with renewed energy, all the members bring their ‘A’ game, as they deliver well-versed lyrics to the upbeat instrumental which was produced by Magix Enga.

Pesa - Naiboi ft DJ Shiti

‘Pesa’ is an upbeat jam, about money and its effects on relationships from a male perspective. Changing his physical appearance to mimic Naiboi, DJ Shiti tries to understand love through the perspective of a promiscuous lover who equates money to love. Apart from the theme of love, ‘Pesa’ also expounds on other important themes including; depression, anxiety, and the effect that Covid-19 has had on Kenyan artists.

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