Zimbabwean Man Captures Poptain’s Attention with Unique ‘Sunda’ Challenge Video

[Photo Credit: Nehanda Radio]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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A video of a man pushing a truck in epitomizing Poptain’s new song ‘Sunda’ has awed many. The man, heavily stops at nothing until the truck moves a few meters as part of undertaking the ‘Sunda’ challenge.

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Poptain was taken aback by this noble gesture of love for his music. ‘Sunda’ is a Shona word loosely translating to ‘Push’ in English. He shared the video on his Instagram page and captioned it “Excuse me ladies and Gentlemen i officially admit i have lost control over this whole sunda situation folks are coming mad look at this bigman here @mrmat3 what are you made of fam.”

‘Sunda’ is part of the ongoing More Entertainment Riddim wave sweeping Zimbabwe’s music. The hit was produced by Cymplex Music.

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In ‘Sunda’, Poptain preaches the message of never giving up in life. He describes it as a motivational song urging people to remain purposeful in life and push on other than giving up.

On his YouTube page, Poptain said “Sunda is a motivational plus dance song produced by Cymplex Music ,Sunda is also a Shona word which means "push" in English.”

Several More Entertainment riddim jams have been released in the past month but ‘Sunda’ stands out due to the electrifying dance and Poptain’s amazing voice.

Watch the Video Here.

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