Meet Poptain, the Zimdancehall Artiste Harare is Crazy About

[Photo Credit: The Herald]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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When he sings, you barely notice that he professes Islam but Ameen Abduljaleel Matanga alias Poptain is a man who knows the power of religion. He is a strong believer in the word and he has the Almighty to thank for the far he has come.

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In the recent past, he was one of the most underrated artistes until he released ‘Fadza Mutengi’; a hit song that earned him a high table in Zimdancehall industry.

In an interview with Mud Journal, she said that his Reggae-dancehall preference helps him maintain his then much-needed versatility.

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“I choose not to identify myself with a certain genre because I seek the freedom to express myself in different ways. I have also been around mixed cultures so I love to be diverse in anything I do – especially music,” he said.

He said that though he is now a famous artiste, the pressure that comes with such status is there, but he chooses to retain his personality that he had when not much of him was known nor said.

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“I enjoyed being in the underground so much because it allowed me to explore anything sound wise, lyrically wise etc. – but this stage of my career is just one of the roads I have to walk on. So, I will continue being myself as I sail through my journey of achieving and conquering. I just pray the numbers keep growing and catapult me to the utmost higher levels where God ordained for the ambitious me,” he said.

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