Breeder LW ‘Bazenga Mentality’ Album: New Music Kenya

[Photo: Breeder Instagram]

By Nelly Chelagat

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Celebrated Kenyan rapper Breeder LW has dropped his debut album dubbed ‘Bazenga Mentality’.

In ‘Bazenga Mentality’, Breeder details his life journey highlighting key achievements that have shaped his music career.

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The album has fifteen tracks that include; Bado Tunasonga, Boss Ofkos, Hakuna Chorus, Bio na Chem, Makanga, Down 4 Real, Real Ones, Hey Miss, Dropzone, Bei Imepanda, Up Deh, Anza Kudance, Nipe Love, Si ni TK and One and Only.

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Breeder has featured several top artists in the album including; Boutross, Rekless, Masauti, Fena Gitu, Abbas, Ssaru, Odi wa Murang’a, Maandy, Young Killer Msodoki and Domain Mkadinali.

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“This album is a highlight of how hard I have worked to get to where I am today. Through prayer and endless love from my supporters I'm able to share with you this amazing body of work.

“…Through endless research and meticulous selection, the diversity of this album is sure to take you through a musical rollercoaster. Blessings and love to everyone who participated in making this album a success,” Breeder said while introducing the album.

So far, Breeder has released visuals for ‘Bei Imepanda’ and ‘One and Only’. The other songs are available on top steaming platforms.

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