Buffalo Souljah: Talent is no Longer Enough to Push Music

[Photo Credit:Music in Africa]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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While many artists in Zimbabwe and across the world live off talent, reggae sensation Buffalo Souljah feels it is not enough. Buffalo, a renowned Zimbabwean musician recently said talent is not enough to keep music pushing in Africa.

“Talent is no longer enough to push this music sh.. in Africa if you like sing a million hit songs won’t go far ‘money is the key to success Gotta hustle for this money by hook or by crook or Die Trying,” he said.

This comment elicited a lot of reactions from his fans who felt that he hit the point while others opined that he missed the point.

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One fan identified as Rodney Ruach said money is a reward for being consistent in what you do. “Money is not everything, money is a reward for everything you have done consistently, believe in your talent soldier , it may tarry but one day you will be where you are hardly dethroned, zvekushandisa mari izvi vamwe ndosaka vachizo romba,” he stated.

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Takunda Blackah added: “True Talk elder, we gotta hustle hard to reach the white, lime, respect bro, I a huge fan .I adore you. The Only Buffalo in our time.”

Pula Mat said that it is time to change this narrative to save the talented souls in the world.

“Let's not just use some of these words without looking at the deeper meaning honestly with the problems of dishonest we have in Africa as a continent, it's time that we change the narrative and not say by hooks and crooks especially when people have followers were some may take the statement in it's literal meaning. Inga vamwe vanoita mari yacho zvisina chikuruku,” Pula noted.

Soffy said that with money, it becomes easier to showcase talent. “Money makes it easier to put ones talent in the spotlight,” he noted.

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