Top 5 Bongo Hits Released in May 2021 [Video]

[Photo: Nairobi Wire]

By Paul A.

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The month of May has been busy for the bongo music industry with artists releasing new projects. This article looks at the top five videos to come from Tanzania this month.

Be Encouraged by Psalms 118:14

Kelebe - Rayvanny ft Innoss’B

The video is off the ‘Sound from Africa’ album released early this year. It is the first project between the two artists. The video has amassed close to two million views in under one week.

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Nobody - Anjella

It is the first solo project from Anjella; the new Konde Worldwide signee. This record-breaking video is all about love. So far, it has amassed close to 2.2 million views.

Kiss Me - Mbosso

The video is off the ‘Definition of Love’ album. Mbosso delivers his verses in English and he does not disappoint. From the song’s title, you can tell its theme. The video has hit close to half a million views on YouTube. ‘Kiss Me’ is the latest project from Mbosso.

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Komesha - Lava Lava

Another WCB entrant on the list with this hit song from the ‘Promise’ EP. This good feel video has attained about 800,000 views.

Sina - Hussein Machozi

The legendary bongo musician has reminded us about his talent through this new release. Besides the love theme, Machozi brings out his comic side.

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