Slapdee Parts Ways with XYZ Entertainment

[Photo Credit: Slapdee Facebook]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Celebrated Zambian musician Slapdee has parted ways with XYZ Entertainment and joined Kalandanya Music Promotions (KMP).

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In an interview with Hellen Phiri, Slapdee said he is now a member of KMP and wished the XYZ label under the leadership of Bobby East all the best in its endeavors.

He said he is not representing XYZ as an artiste anymore but did not say if he has a stake with the label since he is the founder.

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Asked if he is still representing XYZ, he said that “As an aritste no. I am not. As an artiste, I am with Kalandanya Music Promotions. Remember I am a founder of XYZ but that doesn’t mean that when I leave XYZ it is dead. XYZ has a lot of artistes that are great,” the ‘Teti’ hit maker said.

He said what compounded his decision to leave the label was the fact that what it would offer him was limited and KMP was the next best alternative to have his needs fully met.

Slapdee said he has to let fresh blood take over because if he remains there, he will be blocking a lot of talents that may have something great for the label.

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“If I remain the face of XYZ forever, then who’s gonna come up? It’s time for youngsters in XYZ to flourish.”

KMP has signed among others, Macky 2 and Dizmo.

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