Fimbo Ya Tatu auditions finally here!

The ‘Fimbo Ya Tatu’ auditions by Grandpa Records are finally here.

After the long wait, the auditions are set to be held at Tribeka on Tuesday next week from 6pm with judges being the label's signed artists DNA, Kenrazy and Libby.

Last year Grandpa introduced new artists such as Warda, Dogo Biggy, Pizo Dizo, TL-Moh and budding artists like Shamir, Fisherman, Qty, Ngangalito together with an established artist DNA in one of the biggest collaborations in the history of East Africa in the song 'Chapa Fimbo Ya Pili'.

Grandpa CEO Refigah is undoubtedly a trend setter and as he explains he wants nothing but the best from the participants of the auditions.

“We are just looking for the best because last year we already set the standards high with Fimbo ya Pili and we cannot afford anything less than perfect," he told Mdundo today.

With over 500 participants currently registered, the pressure to succeed is definitely on considering the fact that only three participants will be lucky enough to have their shot at stardom. Will you be the lucky one?

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