Ibraah: I Lived in Harmonize's Store for 14 Months

[Photo Credit: ZM Trends]

By Paul A.

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Konde Worldwide singer Ibraah has revealed that he lived in a store before being unveiled as the label’s first signee.

Speaking during an interview with Kenya’s Citizen TV, Ibraah stated that after being given a chance by Harmonize, he could not manage to commute daily.

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The singer noted that he used to walk for kilometers to record since music was his only hope considering he had not advanced his studies.

To reduce the cost of commuting to Konde Gang headquarters, Ibraah begged Harmonize to give him space in his store. Initially, Harmonize objected, stating that it was inhumane to live in a dirty store. However, after much persuasion, Harmonize agreed.

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“Nikaona haya mambo ya kuenda nyumbani na kurudi...nikwamwambia mimi bro ntalala kwa store akaniamba apana si vizuri...akaniambia kama nimerizika ni sawa, lakini mimi sijakubali,” said Ibraah.

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Ibraah revealed that he lived in the store for about 14 months. Ibraah further revealed that while in Kenya, he has managed to collaborate with several Kenyan artists.

However, the singer did not give the identity of the musicians. Ibraah has been on his first media tour outside Tanzania, where he introduced himself to the fans.

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