5 New Things we Learned from Ibraah's Kenyan Media Tour

[Photo Credit: Ibraah Instagram]

By Paul A.

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During Ibraah's media tour in Kenya, the singer had a golden opportunity to introduce himself to fans. Through his interviews, Ibraah addressed several topics, and we managed to learn the following:

He is ready to work with perceived bongo rivals

The questions of working with rival musicians kept popping up, but Ibraah maintained that as long there is room to work together he is ready. Ibraah affirmed that he was prepared to work with WCB boss Diamond Platnumz, a perceived rival of Konde Gang.

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He boarded a plane for the first time

Ibraah revealed that he has never boarded a plane before. The Kenyan media tour presented him with an opportunity to fly and leave Tanzania for the first time.

Konde Gang Growth

Instead of feeling threatened, Ibraah sees the addition of new musicians to Konde Gang as a good thing. Ibraah opines that signing more musicians is a good thing that will create employment while helping in personal growth.

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Music has transformed his life

Ibraah revealed that he did not proceed further with his education, meaning getting formal employment would be a challenge. However, the ability to leverage his talent has seen him help his family.

He is not a quitter

Before catching the attention of Harmonize, Ibraah camped at Konde Gang’s gate without luck. He never gave up, even when Harmonize would hang up on him. He even tried getting an audience with WCB, but was not successful. When he got the chance, he never looked back.

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