REVIEW: Fans Express Their Love For This Gospel Jam

I personally think that gospel singer Mbuvi could be one of the most energetic artists we've ever had in the history of Kenyan music. You would have to watch his videos to rubber stamp my above words. This energy he in turn transfers to his fans - an essential quality for any performer and artist. His new video ‘Ndukatavye Mundu’, released five days ago has had tongues wagging and legs shuffling compulsively, so we saw it wise to find out what is causing such as reaction:

“I love this guy, Mbuvi ! He makes variation in languages a beautiful thing. Am not a Kamba but believe me, I can almost sing along to each and every word of this song. The video? Twice as much! Simple yet more than enough. It’s on my favorites playlist. Thank you Mbuvi” stated a fan

“Aki Mbuvi  always has child's vigor and joy.....he’ the true definition of the kingdom of God belongs to - children. Great job Mbuvi.... Ndukatavye mundu” added another

"Finally! You have no idea how long I have been waiting. Awesome song, message and the video is on point. Tenda mema uende zako. I know the song is called ‘Ndukatavye Mundu’ but on this one, I have to Mbuvi. Forgive me but the song is too good stay quite about.” Confessed another

Fans seem to all be in agreement, so who are we to splash dirt over a masterpiece? Below are more sentiments:

“Mbuvi the energy! You shoud get endorsements for Lucozade. Best video.” Credited another

“I love the energy in the song, though I wish he could have done something more with this particular piece. His sing, smiley faces and dance routine is becoming monotonous. I still love it Mbuvi” said a music anthusiast

The song which is adapted from Matthew 6:1-3 ‘Ndukatavye Mundu’ means "Don’t Tell Anyone" and the handy work of Clean city Media. Watch it above for a bit of that gospel spirit in your day.


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