5 Hottest New Jams Released in Zambia [Video]

[Photo Credit:Zambia Play]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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The energy and zeal to keep Zambia on top of the music charts is something that you enjoy with a lot of passion. Every week, there is new music being released and then there are the kings and queens who rule the music charts every week.

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 Here are the top five songs that rocked Zambia in the past week.

Ukonkele Ishi – Mr Stash x Bobby East x Chanda na Kay

You can only imagine how lit this song is. The trio is a dope group of artistes in Zambia. Listening to the new release, you get to appreciate that the three are immensely talented and very creative with music production.

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Ma Lucky – Macky 2 ft Roberto

The official video of this jam is now up. When Macky 2 released the song in mid-October, it had no video. ‘Ma Lucky’ has received airplay as it addresses pertinent issues dogging the low income earners in Zambia. Call then ‘hustlers’.


Tiliko – Dj H-MAC x Daev x Macky 2 x Slapdee

This has been, perhaps, the biggest song for the past two weeks. It has a powerful feeling by bringing the late Daev to picture. Daev passed on in late September. It is also a big hit because it brings together Macky 2 and Slapdee; two big names in Zambia’s music industry who never see eye to eye.


Imagine – Stevo ft Chef 187

On this one, the rapping duo treated their fans to something that’s very amazing. ‘Imagine’ talks about life, the good things and the aspirations that each one but only run as imaginations in one’s mind. Quite a powerful song I must say.


My Baby – Macky 2 ft Paul Dario

‘My Baby’ is one of those hits that Paul Dario who has been on an upward trajectory will always feel good about. In the song that features multi award-winning Macky 2, he delves deep in the world of the love.


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