Joyce Blessing Denied Access to Her Instagram Account by Ex-Husband

Photo: Kingdom FM

By Naliaka Kitui

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Dave Joy, Joyce Blessing’s ex-husband who used to manage her music career has refused to hand over her Instagram account back to her unless the singer fulfills her part of the deal they had during their initial agreement
As it is already known, Joyce Blessing and her husband parted ways and the two are also fighting over the custody of their children. After their break up, Dave Joy, the ex-husband took all her social media handles and log-in data, and called for a meeting to resolve fight. In the meeting it was agreed that Dave Joy is to hand over the log-ins handles back to Joyce Blessing and on the other hand, the singer to allow the ex-husband to access their children every two weeks. But all that didn’t go as planned.
The gospel musician, Joyce Blessing blames her management for all that is happening to her. She has complained that her former management is damaging her. The singer says that the former management keeps reporting her contents to her social media account holders who then flag the contents and send the notifications to delete her accounts should she post anything related to Joyce Blessing.
Dave Joy revealed in an interview with Ola Michael on Peace FM that he has not handed over Joyce Blessing’s Instagram to her as she has denied him a chance to see his children.
“I have her Instagram account. She should allow me to see my children. She’s even sent me to court . . . I’ve told her to grant me access to my children but she says she’s not ready . . . I haven’t granted her access to her Instagram because she hasn’t given me access to my children and my things in the house. If she’s ready today to grant me access to meet my children, I will also hand over her Instagram to her," Dave Joy explained.

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