Joyce Blessing Curses Julie Jay Kanze the Former Publicist

courtesy of myheraldmagazine

By Naliaka Kitui

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The popular gospel musician Joyce Blessing has thrown curses on Juliana Ntiamoah who is known by many as Julie-Jay Kanze in an audio that is going viral on social media.
In that audio, the famous gospel singer accused her former publicist of being the cause why her content keeps flagged on You Tube.
“Juliana Ntiamoah, that is your name, the way you will suffer, it will affect your entire generation. I have done you no wrong, whatever you asked I paid. This curse will manifest heavily on your life because I have done you no wrong, yet you want to cause me pain…" she said in the audio.
The angry gospel musician claims that the email account that keeps reporting her songs to be flagged belongs to Julie Jay. Joyce Blessing is convinced so as she knows Ntiamoah to be a computer wizard.
Joyce Blessing who crossed paths with her former publicist Joyce Jay and also her manager husband a few months ago expresses that she had already paid Julie Jay and could not get the reason as to why Julie would intend to frustrate her with so much pain.
She swore on her life that her former publicist Julie Jay will never be at peace with herself in life till the day she goes to her, kneel and beg for forgiveness.
“The day you will sit behind a computer and type my name Joyce Blessing, may God strike you with this curse. No man will find you attractive, you will go up and down aimlessly till you go back to your village”. Joyce Blessing said.

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