Kantu Explains What Fans Should Expect Following her Music Comeback

[Photo Credit:Joy FM]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Zambian musician Kantu has made a decision to make a music comeback after retiring from the craft.

In a candid interview with Zambian Youtuber Hellen Zulu, she said she battled with the thought of finally giving up her music career but realized she will be hurting those who are blessed by her music.

Therefore, her comeback musically will feature “deep music” and a different Kantu music wise.

“I wasn’t doing music for myself, there are a lot of people I was speaking to and when I made the decision, I didn’t realize that there were a lot of people that I spoke to that went to bed feeling calm and feeling happy because of something that I had said or a song that I had put out.

“So, it would be very unfair for me to just stop giving them that…” she said.

You can expect “deeper, more inspirational, more uplifting and more building” music from Kantu.

Without a recording label, she has had to work harder but feels great in being in control of what she is putting out and the image that she wants people to have about her.

However, she acknowledges that it is a beautiful thing to have a team behind you which is all that a recording label is all about.


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