Kantu Opens Up on Fears She Had Before Releasing ‘Fragile Heart’

[Photo Credit: Kantu Music Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Zambian songtress Kantu has spoken on her latest release, ‘Fragile Heart’ that came as a surprise to many people.

Kantu had before the release of this rocking jam said that he was done with her music career and was looking forward to venturing in other things.

However, she went on to release ‘Fragile Heart’, a special dedication to men out there who are in the habit of playing around with women’s feelings at their pleasure.

In an interview with Youtuber Hellen Zulu, Kantu said she had a lot of fear when releasing ‘Fragile Heart’.

She said that there was no much hype as it is the case when releasing such hits and this got her shaking not knowing if it would be received well.

“I was a little bit worried about how people would receive it…I am really grateful for the response. The response has been amazing,” she said.

Kantu, in ‘Fragile Heart’ pleads authoritatively that if you cannot love, the best thing to do will be leaving other than taking feelings and emotions for granted.

In the song, Kantu speaks from life’s experience about love; either by her own account or from the account of others because these are real challenges that always come up in relationships.

The aftermath is a broken heart that cannot be mended once it is broken. “You come to me like they did, you say and talk like they did and everything you do they did; honestly how do you expect me to believe that you are true and you won’t do what they did..” part of the song’s lyrics read.


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