Mbogi Genje bag Ambassadorial deal against Drug abuse

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By Ian Jacob

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‘Mnajua Mbogi ni Genje’ Kenyan three man trio Mbogi Genje hit another milestone. As the nation slowly reverts back to ‘party after party lifestyle’ cooperatives are keen to sign new Ambassadors. Mbogi Genje have bagged an ambassadorial endorsement.

The artistes, who reside in Umoja Estate, have now been endorsed as the ambassadors against youth and drug abuse by the RFH Health Care. “We are opening a drug and rehabilitation centre and we have identified Mbogi Genje is best to work with because of their rapport with the youth,” Dr Maxwell Okoth said as they signed the deal. (According to SDE).

It's nothing but laughing to the bank for the three man trio. Mbogi Genje rose to the limelight for their hit tracks ‘Kidungi’ and ‘Mbogi Genje’. Their 2020 campaign has seen them feature for VDJ Jones on ‘Zimepanda’.

Kudos to Mbogi Genje on their endorsement and their awesome music . ‘Gengetone to the world’

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