FRESH OFF THE TOP SHELF: Mbuvi Has A Secret He Wants You To Keep

Is it just me or is Gospel singer Mbuvi, the craziest yet most creative artist in the Gospel industry? Just when you think he cannot get any better, he goes ahead and proves everyone wrong! His last hit, ‘Aning'ning' Dance’ had the whole dance fraternity compulsively dancing along to the entire song. Now? Now, he has a new one christened ‘Ndukatavye Mundu’ and word of advice, buckle up!

Image Courtesy Of Mbuvi

The song the epitome of fun blended with Sui generic lyricism as is most of Mbuvi’s songs, but on this particular piece he takes it a notch higher with wordplay. The song title ‘Ndukatavye Mundu’ is Kamba for ‘Don’t tell anyone’ but with the kind of composition included on this one, you can’t help but tell everyone!

The only thing that can actually beat the trepidation one gets from this single is the video to it. So will Mbuvi go ahead and drop a video? Mdundo will keep you posted on more developments on this story, so keep it eternally locked for the exclusive scoop! Get the free download of Mbuvi's song right HERE

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