Johnsonic pro is a son of modesto & his mother from payoko, panyikwara. Johnsonic was born in 1986-10-10 at the village called kijeme hill near kumoru and ayii river. His father is from Amika Magwi. Johnsonic started music his in 2007 & the first song he produce in Glory of God sound studio (GPS) Is Our nation. before they are three in a group called da Eastern Equatoria tripple stars, Up to 2010 that where he become a producer on the third of febuary 2010 (3-2-2010) he when to school in yei for his music production with producer honyi from Kenya and he when to libaty fm for introduction after his graduation in river side hotel in yei river county he perform well among his class made. that is all about Johnsonic pro. for more detail. get Johnsonic on_johnsonicpro0@gmail.com

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