No Upcoming Artiste Can Thrive On Their Own - J. Derobie

By Naliaka Kitui

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Young Ghanaian dancehall and Afro beat artiste J Derobie also known by his birth name as Derick Obuobie Jnr has once again advised his upcoming colleagues to work hand in hand with other artistes if at all they want to make it in the Music industry.

The fast upcoming artiste rendered this piece advice to his colleagues during an interview with Foster Romanus on e-TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show that it is important for any upcoming act to work with or under a management team so that they can learn and thrive.

“If you’re upcoming, you can never be alone unless there is money at home that is being pumped into your music. A chick cannot be alone otherwise; a hawk will come and pick you away. You always have to be under someone and you always have to learn from someone”, he said.

According to the passionate and talented artist, J. Derobie, All new and upcoming musicians need to have people who can hold their hands and this is where record levels come in.

“Its good to be in a record label but when you’re joining a record label, check out your exit clauses. If you’re not comfortable, what are the steps you can take? Always look out for these”, J. Derobie advised further.

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