J. Derobie Urges His Colleagues to Consider Kids When Writing Music Content

By Nalaka Kitui

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Young Ghanaian musician, J. Derobie urged his fellow colleagues to try as much as they can to consider kids, when creating their musical content.

In his view, the technological age has made it possible for many people including kids to have access to songs so filtering words when creating musical content can go a long way to help these kids.

Speaking with Foster Romanus, J Derobie born Derrick Obobbie Junior said;
“There are children coming up and it will help if the nudity is limited. During my childhood, you wouldn’t see such things. It was balanced. If you’re even watching a movie and there’s a kissing scene, you have to look away else the ‘cane will have your meat.

This is where we need to sit back or go to the drawing board and see which type of content we want to promote. Sometimes, it is what the director wants and sometimes, it is what the artistes themselves want. Other times, the media houses also have no choice than to play it but when we go to the drawing board and decide to limit these things, others will also follow because everyone wants their songs to be played on TV.”

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