Chosen Becky Joins Fight against Cyber Bullying, Narrates Her Experience

By Gloria

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Ugandan songstress Chosen Becky has narrated her experience with social media bullying and harassment.

According to Chosen Becky, she has been a victim of online bullies several times, with tweeps calling her local, dissing her sense of style among other attacks.

She, however, feels that it is time the same stops, and action taken against cyber bullies.

"I have been cyber bullyed so much more than I can count. Cyber bullying is not right. It is so terrible and I beg everyone that does it to stop because I have people who I have come with from a far, people who call me one of their own bully me.

“Some people I came with from the village, hang out and basically called a friend, and just because of the current situation, they turn against me. They come to the media, claiming they know us, they helped us and took care of us but just because we as artists, can't come out to speak about everything, they gang up against one person,” Chosen Becky said.

She urged her fans not to believe everything they see in the media because they are championed by people looking for money.

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"I have been talked about a lot but I want to tell my fans that they are lying. Please do not believe anything they say because they are basically looking for fame and money,” she said.

The campaign against cyber bullying was championed by media personality and former TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend Marcus Ali who revealed they were depressed as a result of the negative articles and gossip news against them.

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