Chosen Becky Explains Why She’s a Very Private Person

By Gloria

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In May, fast-rising Ugandan vocalist Chosen Becky surprised everyone when she welcomed her first child.

The news caught her fans by surprise since most of them did not know that she was expectant.

Speaking in an interview, the new mother has explained why she does not let her private affairs be known to the public.

"Most people just say things without facts, while some others just talk ill about people to tarnish their names. You know if you are a celebrity, they always expect you to be perfect in everything you do. They feel they have to dictate whatever thing you do in your life," Chosen Becky lamented.

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"A person must have a private life away from the public. Although fans love me (of which I love them too) but there are some things I keep to myself," she added.

Regarding the father of her child, Chosen Becky remained tight lipped, leaving fans to speculate who he may be.

"No one knows about my man, unless I have said the truth, of which I will not because my life is personal," Becky said.

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