Watch Konshens in New Video For His 'Pull Up' Single

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Many artists were hoping for a cool summer full of vibes and you can tell Konshens was one of these artists based on his new single ‘Pull Up’.

‘Pull Up’ is a single about going away from all that keeps one busy and finding space to spend time with their lover; putting down everything for love.

‘Pull Up’ is put on an airy, feel good reggae beat; it feels like a stripped lovers-rock kind of instrumentation. It is quite subtle with the guitar being what covers all the corners of the single. Konshens chooses to lay some melodic and soft rhythmic vocals over the beat making the song gain an even richer airy swag to it.

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The video opens up to Konshens making a call to his love interest in the video asking her to pull up. Konshens takes her away to a stream/beach of sorts for them to enjoy some time alone. All the scenes on this video are different sides of the two lovers spending quality time together. The video takes on that airy and earthy feel with all the props and scenery that is used.

Summer is cancelled for many people but this single is bound to make you experience some sunshine in your home. Catch a vibe with Konshens on ‘Pull Up’.

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