Beenie Gunter's Former Manager Opens Up on Bitter Split with the Artiste

By Gloria

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Dancehall artiste Beenie Gunter's woes are not about to end any time soon. Amidst battling the child neglect battle, the 'Gun Talk' artiste parted ways with his former manager, Ibrah.

It was all well until Beenie Gunter revealed that Ibrah was behind the embarrassing scandal involving the alleged baby mama identified as Fiona Akankwasa.

Speaking during a recent interview, Ibrah broke down while explaining how far they have come, only for Gunter to embarrass him by claiming he was behind the child neglect scandal

"I made Beenie a man. Be it the shoes or anything, there is my share but I walked away without taking anything from you or asking for my share. Why would you go before the press and spoil my name.

“I have been doing everything for him, I have all his social media logins. If I was a bad person, I would have confiscated them because you have given me nothing," he said.

Ibrah said during his stay with Beenie Gunter, he always brought girls home and for Fiona's sake, he has seen her twice, at the house and the bar.

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"I felt bad when I got the news because he was my artiste. I know the girl and the day they met, we were together that day because I had booked the show. But, whatever happened between them does not concern me, but If you know you have any responsibility towards that child, take care of him because he is innocent," he noted.

Ibrah has been managing Beenie Gunter from the time he finished his Form 6 in 2014. They have been together for six years, struggling and hustling together.

"The biggest pain is that he has a lot of hate in him, he is so bad and he has never given me any credit or even paid me yet he gets money because of my sweat. I left him four months ago but now it is high time I make it public," Ibrah divulged.

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