David Wonder Releases New Video For Single Dubbed 'Rehema'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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David Wonder is one of the most rated Gospel artist in the country at the moment. He over the weekend released a new single dubbed ‘Rehema’ and a video to go with it.

‘Rehema’ is a single about God’s mercy and nature. In this single, David Wonder lays forth difficult situations and stays confident knowing that God will come through and clear the way for him.

‘Rehema’, as are many other singles by David Wonder is set on a bongo rhythm which is however developed on a rich kapuka beat. David Wonder has a beautiful voice that engulfs the beat and marries with the rhythm. He however transitions into a Taarab run for the chorus, almost very natural for his voice; he layers vocals for this chorus and it is catchy and beautifully executed to carry the whole song on it.

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The video carries the lyrics to the song into life. David Wonder takes us through him being held captive at gunpoint but smiling through it because he is confident that God will come through. Part of the video is shot in the CBD.

In case you need to dance and at the same time stay still reminding yourself that God will come through, catch a vibe with David Wonder on ‘Rehema’.


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