Ronze Teams Up with Mr Blue, Young Dee and Izzo Business for New ‘Sawa’ Remix

By Paul A.

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The bongo hip hop scene continues to evolve with artistes taking their craft a notch higher.

This can be demonstrated by the latest remix for Ronze’s original song ‘Sawa’ where he has featured bongo heavyweights Mr.Blue, Young Dee & Izzo Business.

The remix is about a man who has given up on fighting for his love. He messed up and the girl has left with his attempts to woe her back hitting a dead end.

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For men, we can all relate to this song as it gives a vivid description of what transpires after a girl has walked away.

The boy talks about how he has changed and how irritated he gets by the girls' photos.

The artistes in these songs are keen on establishing and cementing the bongo hip hop sound.

Listening to the beat, you can easily tell the production was planned and crafted in a way that seeks to leave a mark in the industry.

Notably, the verse arrangement is also captivating, we would expect a singing Ronze to come after every rap but he has been allocated his slot towards the end.

The remix moves away from the typical hip hop songs associated with the trio.

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