Motra the Future Drops Visuals for Hit Song ‘Masihara’

By Branice Nafula

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Days after releasing the audio for their big track ‘Masihara’, Tanzania rappers Motra the Future, Damian Sol and Shetta have finally released the video.

The video is colorful, and has been shot in a location with great ambience. Watching it, you get to appreciate different locations available in the country.

Production wise, the transitions are smooth and well connected, the scenes also changed as the three artistes do their verses.

One of the standout features in the video are the vixens who enjoy the song, and dance to it very well, making it more appeal especially to people who love creating dance challenges.

‘Masihara’ lashes out at fake people in society, who claim to have it all, or pretend to befriend others, yet they go snitching on other people.

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“Wachawi ni baadhi ya washikaji tunao chill nao fake Niggaz masnitch sasa wakachill kwao…Ambao hawafeel pain yako hata ukifeel yao…Wanaong’anga’nia udingi na hawapigi bao…..” the song’s lyrics read in part.

The song highlights how most people try unsuccessfully to fit in various life styles, but due to failure in one way or the other, they end up faking it.

The upbeat rap song helps create awareness, and open our eyes to the fact that not all people around us are our true friends.

Towards the end of the song, Damian Soul boasts of their musical prowess, telling off critics who’ve been constantly talking ill about them.

On his part, Shetta brags of being the best lyricist so far, adding that his competitors should always keep running because he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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