Online Live Music Project StudioTISA Premiers Featuring East African Superstar Kidum

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Kenya’s first curated online live music platform StudioTISA, premieres on IGTV, Facebook and Youtube and will feature East African superstar Kidum.
StudioTISA is a unique online live music platform that’s working to develop, celebrate and elevate the work of young musicians in Kenya from all genres and styles. We are the first platform of this kind to be based anywhere on the continent of Africa, leveraging high quality media production experience, technology and social media to provide a brand-new way to experience and consume music and follow their favorite artistes.
Artiste and Repertoire
StudioTISA has a genre blind booking policy that’s geared towards new and emerging acts. We are focused on finding and developing new acts that have the potential to deliver live performances of distinguished artistic quality. Further we are also keen to develop new acts through our masterclass that will enable them acquire the necessary skills for the StudioTISA recording but also for their future live performances.
We realize that we are working during unprecedented times and have made significant adjustments to the production process in order to respond to the threat of Covid-19. We have arranged for a health screening that’s conducted by a qualified health professional who is present on set at all times. The screening is aligned with standard government screening protocol and is conducted at entry. Those that do not pass the screening are not allowed in.
Further, all cast and crew are required to wear and keep their masks on at all times. In addition to this we are cleaning and fumigating the live room daily and after every band recording under the supervision of our health professional. StudioTISA provides a safe creation platform during these difficult times.

StudioTISA was created by award winning Kenyan musician Dan Aceda and has been delivered at a global standard of quality through a partnership with Spencer Okach and Mark Moss and Fareed Khimani of Nusu Nusu Productions.
“The idea is to provide artistes with a plug and play performance ready space for them to use to create high quality live performances that are delivered online. This is especially important at this time as the world is dealing with Covid 19 and artists have fewer options of maintaining contact with their fan base. We have invested in a high quality production process with multiple
cameras and have made some of the best film people available in order to deliver something at a really high level.” – Fareed Khimani
“For me, the purpose of StudioTISA is to do 3 things. Enable creatives to deliver high quality content to their consumers by removing the need for them to invest their own money. Secondly to drive content discovery but getting as wide a variety of acts onto the platform as possible and the most important for me is to develop younger acts. Majority of the people I have spoken to about coming to StudioTISA have never played with a band before. So, I will be doing a 10 day masterclass and helping them develop their live sets with my band which will serve as the house band. We’ve designed StudioTISA program to work in a very collaborative way with the artistes that appear on it in order to ensure that they can maximize the reach that the platform will create for their own careers.” – Dan Aceda
StudioTISA will premiere on May the 11th 2020 at 9.30 pm EAT and will be streamed live on StudioTISA pages on Facebook, IGTV and Youtube.

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