Christina Shusho Releases New Inspiring Song 'Litapita' [Video]

By Paul A.

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Legendary Tanzania gospel musician Christina Shusho has dropped a new inspiring track dubbed ‘Litapita’.

In her iconic voice, Shusho tells us how the current situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic will pass and things will go back to normal.

In general, the song talks about the hard times in life that we all go through at some point.

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She notes that hard times are a norm and it affects both the rich and the poor but with trust in God, everything will go back to normal.

“Nimeona hofu imetanda dunia...huku na huku mambo yamebadilika...sikama tulivyo zoea...ata hili litapita tu, asubuhui yaja...nyakati huja na kupita..shida na raha zina mwisho...Yesu pekee atabaki juu… yeye pekee hana mwisho,” sing Shusho.

In this inspiring song, Shusho adopts English in some of her vocals as she reminds her fans to remain hopeful.

The audio concept is simple and incorporates mostly drums and the piano, something synonymous with Shusho’s songs.

 On the other hand, the song’s video concept is also a simple one as Shusho features practical examples of what she is singing about. At some point, she performs live in a scene riddled with emotions.

The new release is timely, and comes at a time when the faithful across the world need to be reminded that, despite COVID-19 bringing the world to a standstill, we still have a God in heaven, and he is able to save us.

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