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Christina Shusho - Biography, Age, Facts And More, music, albums

Who is Christina Shusho?
She is a renowned Tanzanian gospel singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She was born in Kigoma, Tanzania but later relocated to Dar es Salaam where she is currently based.

Is Christina Shusho A Tanzanian?

Yes, Christina Shusho comes from Tanzania. She was born in Kigoma region and is one of the most celebrated Tanzanian Gospel singers.
She started as a janitor in church and started singing at a very young age of 15 years old.

How old is Christina Shusho?
Chrstina Shusho is 46 years old (2023). She was born in 1977 in Kigoma.

Where did Christina Shusho Study

Christina Shusho Studied in Kigoma Primary and secondary Schools

Christina Shusho Children
Chrstina Shusho has 3 children. Hope, Odesia and George

Christina Shusho Husband.
Christina Shusho was married to Pst John Shusho before their separation

Music Journey and Breakthrough
Christina Shusho was born in a Christian family. Her parents were staunch Christians and introduced her to the church early in her childhood. It is reported that while a child she'd help clean the church and take part in other activities. She later joined the church choir where her singing talent was nurtured. In 2008, she released her debut album dubbed 'Unikumbuke'. The album had several hits that include; 'Unikumbuke', 'Bwana Umenichunguza' and 'Mtetezi Wangu' among others. Unikumbuke made Christina Shusho a star in Tanzania and the entire East African region. 'Unikumbuke' is one of the greatest albums in the history of Tanzanian gospel music.

In 2013, she released her second album dubbed 'Kwa Kanisa La Kristu' which contained 7 songs. It was followed by 'Ongoza Hatua Zangu' album in 2015. Thhe project contained top hits that include; 'Ning'are' and 'Nangoja'. In 2017, Christina Shusho released a 6 track EP titled 'Akutendee Nini' and followed it up with 'Two Gospel Legend One' album featuring top artistes including Rose Muhando. Her latest album is 'Gospel Queen' which was released in 2020

Christina Shusho Top Songs
Shusha Nyavu
Teta Nao
Thamani ya Wokovu
Nipe Macho
Wa Kuabudiwa
Mtetezi Wangu
Tumsifu Bwana
Nina Wimbo

Christina Shusho Albums
Unikumbuke (2008)
Kwa Kanisa La Kristu (2013)
Ongeza Hatua Zangu (2017)
Two Gospel Legends One Album (2017)
Nipe Macho (2017)
Akutendee nini ( 2017)
Relax (2020)

Christina Shusho Wa Kuabudiwa

“Wa Kuabudiwa” is a worship song from Tanzanian Gospel singer, Christina Shusho and the song is one of her most popular releases and has so far amassed about 9 Million streams on Youtube

Awards won by Christina Shusho
In 2012 she won Best Tanzanian Artist at the Groove Awards.
In 2013 she won Best East African Gospel Artist at Africa Gospel Music Awards.

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Christina Shusho And Mercy Masika

Christina Shusho and Mercy Masika have so far collaborated in two songs “Divai” and the latest “Rebecca” which is found in Shusho’s last album titled Hararat.