Mwana FA Biography, Music Career, Education, Wife and Coronavirus

By Paul A.

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Who is Mwana FA?

Mwana FA, born Hamis Mwinjuma also known as Mwana Falsafa is a Tanzanian Hip Hop artiste with a career spanning over fifteen years. Mwana FA’s real date of birth is unknown but he was raised in the Tanga region of Tanzania.

Mwana FA’s Music career

Mwana FA developed an interest in music at the age of 12 years. In 1995, the artist founded a group known as Black Skin which consisted of his school friends including Robby Ras and Generics. A year later at the Tanga Hip-Hop competition, the group won the third prize.

In 1998, MwanaFA moved to Dar es Salaam for his high school education while still focusing on his music career. He went ahead to break into the mainstream sector releasing chart-topping songs. He is known for his electric performance and lyrical prowess which have propelled him to fame.

Over the years, he has maintained a large fan base across Tanzania as he has been making music that relates to ordinary Tanzanians.

His popular hits include; ‘Ingekuwa Vipi’, ‘Alikufa Kwa Ngoma’, ‘Msiache Kuongea’, ‘Bado Nipo Nipo’, ‘Yalaiti’ and ‘Ameen’. 

Throughout his career, Mwana FA has won various awards including Tanzania Music Awards, East African Music Awards, and Channel O Music Video Awards.

Mwana FA Education

Mwana FA ranks one of the most educated musicians of our time. He started at Mdote Primary School in Muheza before joining the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), where he studied for four months before quitting to pursue A-level studies at Ununio Islamic High School. He majored in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. After high school, Mwana FA enrolled for insurance studies at the same institute.

Mwana FA also has a Certificate in Information Technology. He has also studied at Coventry in the UK graduating with a Master’s Degree in Finance.

Mwana FA Wife

Mwana FA married Helga Mwinjuma in 2016 at a private wedding attended by only close friends. Despite Mwana FA being a public figure, Helga has maintained a low profile.

Mwana FA Coronavirus

Mwana FA is among a number of Tanzanian nationals that have tested positive for the deadly virus.

In an Instagram post several days ago, Mwana FA confirmed that he had contracted the Coronavirus, adding that he has since isolated to avoid spreading the same.

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