Mbuvi gives a new twist to worship songs in his impressive new video

Image Courtesy Of Mbuvi

There is nothing i love more than artists who always break barriers and follow their heart to do what feels best to them; which is why i cannot hide my enthusiasm over Mbuvi's new single 'Aning'ning Dance'.

The single which was released 2 days ago is an upbeat, dancable catchy worship song, and as Mbuvi explains it was his way of expressing his joy to the lord,

"This is a different type of worship song since it is an extremely fast beat compared to the usual style of worship. its basicaly meant to get my listeners to worship in a whole new way expressing their joy to God moving along to the dance'' he told Mdundo during an exclusive interview.

'Nue Nendete' (reloaded) which is the title of the song in Kamba directly translates to 'You are the one I love',

"God as always was my inspiration for this song and everything i have i owe it all to God which is why i chose to worship him in the best way that i know because as the bible says in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy"

Have a look at the impressive video below and let us know what you think,




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