Ramzey Siele working alongside one of the biggest names in Hip hop history, Find out who!!

Image Courtesy: Ramzey Siele

If you don’t know the Ramsey Siele by now, then I simply take it that music doesn’t give you that ‘kick’ because he is taking over the airwaves by the minute with his eloquent, yet unique way of music delivery.

Mdundo caught up with him and he gave us a peep into his upcoming projects,

“I am currently working on my album, and this will be something new for the industry but with already familiar faces. I am working along names such as Abbas, Kagwe and Chiwawa. It will also have a touch from the great Commissioner Gordon who has worked with Lauryn Hill on The Miseducation. So expect a whole lot” he said in an excited tone.

If you are sharp witted when it comes to music matters then I expect your reaction to be nothing short of an "Omg" when such names are dropped. Patience is so hard to master but we fans will have to contain the excitement untill the album is done. We at Mdundo pledge to make sure you hear it first, fresh and uncut!

If you still haven’t heard “Movie” by Ramzey, I will do you a huge favor and recommend you to his Youtube channel, so that you can experience the whole bouquet of different music the artist has to offer. You certainly won’t  be disappointed. Click the link below and enjoy  


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