#TBT featuring Luo flow rap King, Big Pin


Image Courtesy of Big Pin

The Luo flow rap king, Big Pin, was undoubtedly a household name back in the days when the Kenyan music scene was at its peak and coming up; He is a pioneer of the music industry who helped set the tone for the scene and today we celebrate him and some of his hits.

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#10. Joh - Big Pin featuring E-sir

#9. Why lie - Big Pin featuring Nameless

#8. Natafuta - Big Pin

#7. Benteba - Big Pin

#6. With You - Big Pin featuring Sana

#5. Talk To You - Big Pin featuring Amani and Patonee

#4. Bamba - Big Pin featuring E-Sir

#3. Jatelo - Big Pin

#2. Tera Mos- Big Pin

#1. BigPin - Big Pin


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