Watch Romain Virgo and Chris Martin new release 'Glow'

By Ian Jacob

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Chris Martin and Romain Virgo spreading good vibes.

If your ever feeling down,  upset or just had a bad day. Chris Martin and Romain Virgo have the antidote to get you back to a cheery mood and it is dubbed ‘Glow'.  This  the second collaborative track after releasing ‘Leave People Business Alone'.

Glow' is a song meant to encourage anyone to live their best life and to be happy. The intro of the song features a man that just turned 58 and he is very excited about the life his loved and the more years he has left to continue living. The track had notable lyrics to get you back to your jolly self.

Don’t let nobody drain your energy

Life can get lonely but sometimes you don’t need nobody

People gonna say all kinda things about you…

No matter what people say ,live your life your own way.

This new groovy track is meant to remind us that self happiness depends on one’s ability to live their own life by their own rules .It also discourages seeking validation from others. ‘Cause when you make them enslave you, your gonna be sorry when they don’t need you' . The duet between Chris and Romain is beautifully synchronized to the hot reggae beat. The track was produced by Maximum Sound. The video for the song were shot in the streets of Jamaica by RD studios.  Get to check out the song and let your life ‘Glow'.

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