Fans give their two cents on Nazizi's "254" video

Image Courtesy of Nazizi

The whole of Kenya, if not the whole world by now knows that Kenya's music first lady recently dropped her video, "254", which overnight has become an anthem to many. We hit the streets of Nairobi to get opinions from music lovers on what they think of the video. 

"I grew up listening to Nazizi, back when she was a member of Necessary Noize alongside Wyre, and though I haven't heard from her in a while, listening to "254'' makes me feel like I travelled back in time...good times. The visuals are exceptionally good and the concept of blending the song and the scenery of the ordinary day in day out hustles around the city is genius!" said an enthusiastic fan.

"Well, for someone who has been in the game this long, I expected a much better video and some content to it. She sounds patriotic from what I heard in the song but in my opinion, the video is a bit of "Kenyan girl Kenyan Boy" ..." shared another.

Nazizi remains to be one of the most influential female artists of our generation and when all is said and done she stays true to both herself and the music she does. Long live the First Lady. Here is a link to the video, "254"

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