Watch Big Pin's new release 'Mama'


By Ian Jacob

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Big Pin is back with a big tune and he is representing all the mama’s boys and mothers everywhere in his new single dubbed ‘Mama'. In this new single he express the love for his mother, appreciating every aspect she played in his life. He sings,

I thank you for your kindness

Thank you for your generosity

Thank you for your pain

Thank you for your patience 

Big Pin does a wonderful job with the beautiful lyrics,  I had to call my mom after this heart warming song. Jatelo has us in our feelings with the help of a choir singing in the background making everything sound so magical. The choir  in the background is none other than Nyashinski ,Yvonne Darcq, Fena Gitu and Nviiri. With all the A-listers behind him ,you probably shouldn’t mess with mama Big Pin. The classical beat was produced by ilogosMusic. Big Pin does a lyrical video for ‘Mama' and he takes an active role in it. The lyrics role in front of the screen and we see Big Pin singing in the background. The amazing video was produced by Director O. Congratulations to Big Pin on this sweet track and remember to respect your mama.

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