Squash and Vybez Kartel Prison Cell Melody, ‘Beat Dem Bad'

By Ian Jacob

Jamaican musical artist, record producer, entrepreneur and dancehall performer, Adidja Azim Palmer aka Vybz Kartel has let loose yet another banger  on these streets. The Gaza nation world boss has featured Andre Whittaker aka Squash Six Boss in ‘Beat Dem Bad'.

The Caribbean flavored tune has 600k + views on YouTube but even in its 4 day Magnificence since its debut, nothing would put a smile on Kartel’s face more than full acquittal of his crime. The ‘Summer Time’ superstar was incarcerated on April 4th, 2014 for the murder of Clive Williams aka “Lizard” . Kartel was sentenced along side Shawn Campbell and Kahira Jones for the crime . Making prison cell melodies isn’t enough for the Gaza nation leader ,the man craves his freedom and has grown impatient with the justice system. The convicts have waited for almost a year for a verdict to be reached by the court of appeal as Vybz has maintained his ‘not guilty' plea . The pressure has mounted on the shoulders of Attorney Bert Samuels (representing Campbell ) and Valerie Neita Robertson (representing Kartel) .

“We are under so much pressure from the client, but we want the court to give us a good judgment, so we do not take on the court,” said Bert Samuels during an interview on the matter . Valerie Neita-Robertson is inquiring with the Court of appeal sometime this week for an update. Vybz Kartel and Shawn Campbell are hoping for a full acquittal of all charges as a retrial would give the prosecution a second try to correct all wrongs they did in the 2014 murder trial.

The defense argued numerous wrong things hindered a fair trial for their clients. Keep an eye on the World Boss’s moves, he might just walk the streets a free man again but in the mean time tune in to his new tune ‘BEATDEMBAD’.

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