Zilizopendwa 'Stellah' Jets into Mdundo Top 10 Weekly


Mdundo charts this week just took a 360 with the famed veteran zilizopendwa Freshley Mwamburi sneaking into position 9 with one of the most popular songs for three decades now ‘Stellah.’

‘Stellah’ is a song released in 1992 based on Mwamburi’s  true life story. The song describes a story of deceit from the love of his life. He sold his property to see her upkeep through school, only for her to come back home with another man from her studies in Japan.

The lyrics describes Stellah jetting back into the country(Kenya) on 17th May, which makes this past Friday the 27th Anniversary of Stellah’s homecoming. The famed song therefore caught up trends so much over the weekend, it turned out to have received massive streaming and downloads.

Congratulations Mwamburi! Save for this great turn of events, Barnaba’s ‘Washa’ is also steadily moving up, this week landing at position 5.

This week on Mdundo Top 10 Weekly:

  1. Mmmh - Willy Paul ft Rayvanny
  2. Hallelujah - Willy Paul Ft. Nandy
  3. Pandana - Ethic
  4. Iokote - Maua Sama Ft. Hanstone
  5. Washa - Barnaba
  6. Atekwe - Timmy Ft. RedsanStream
  7. Marathon Runner - Nyashinski
  8. Njiwa - Willy Paul Ft. Nandy
  9. Stellah - Freshley Mwamburi
  10. Instagram - Ethic

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